Why Gmail beats OWA, part 2

May 23, 2012

By Jeff Gould

A while back my esteemed co-blogger Doug Miller posted a counterpoint to my post Why Gmail beats Office 365. Doug gives a long list of reasons why, on the contrary, Office 365 beats Gmail. Although he hasn’t changed my mind about preferring Gmail, I have to admit that I agree with almost everything he says. In fact, his post has helped me to clarify my thinking about this topic. At bottom Doug’s argument boils down to the idea that Office 365 is a more powerful online tool that has more of the features that sophisticated enterprise users need, while Gmail is basically a repurposed consumer product.

I have to say I entirely agree with Doug’s argument. But it doesn’t change my mind about using Gmail, and here’s why. The reality is that Doug is a more sophisticated user than I am. He actually knows how to use all the fancy bells and whistles in Office 365 (see his post for examples) and therefore he gets the full benefit from them. I on the other hand use Gmail as a simple email tool with some very limited calendaring functionality on the side. For my purposes, the greater simplicity and speed of the Gmail user interface trump the bigger feature set of Office 365.

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Spies Around Me

April 4, 2012

By Jeff Gould

Imagine the following scenario.

Sitting in a crowded bar, a red-headed bombshell casually studies a map of Washington’s Adams Morgan neighborhood on the screen of her iPhone. Overlaid at various spots on the map are thumbnail photos of men. Under each man’s image is the name of his employer. Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, IRS, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy… Yes. She taps the last icon and a Facebook page pops up, which she reviews for several minutes, carefully memorizing each detail. Then she lifts her head and scans the room. After a moment, she focuses briefly on someone sitting at a nearby table. She glances at her iPhone to confirm the resemblance, then puts the device away.
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